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Looking Ahead With 2023 Travel Predictions

January is for looking ahead, and my 2023 crystal ball is looking clearer than it has in a long time. We can finally approach our travel dreams more thoughtfully and carefully without the “get me out of here” frenzy when international borders first opened.

The last few years changed all of us, and 2023 travel trends reflect this. If “experiential” becomes the word of the year, it is for good reason. We want to learn more about the places we go, about the people we meet. We want to do more: participate in a chocolate making class in Mexico, visit a women’s cooperative in Kenya, dine with a local family in Morocco. I have had these experiences and they are some of my fondest travel memories.

2023 is the year we will travel in celebration of milestones, including the ones postponed. A 50th birthday, a 25th wedding anniversary, a graduation, or any reason to be with family and friends in a new location.

In 2023 we will be more aware of health—ours and the planets. Wellness travel is booming, from wilderness retreats to luxury spas. We are trying to do our travel in more sustainable ways, putting as little stress on the environment as possible, looking for local farm to table culinary experiences, supporting companies reducing waste, even swapping out short flights for trains.

Where are we going on all these trips? Many, including me, are boarding cruise ships. New expedition ships are exploring the polar regions and exotic locations like the Galapagos. Skinny boats are sailing the rivers of Europe, easing their way through carefully engineered locks providing easy instant access to Europe’s famed cities. Ocean going vessels provide everything from a romantic experience for 150 guests to mini cities carrying up to 10,000 complete with amusement park styled entertainment.

We are traveling back to our favorites: Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland, France. We want to taste truffles from Piedmont and pizza in Naples. We want to drink delicious local white Santorini wine in a sunny café overlooking the clear blue water of the caldera. We want to wander majestic French cathedrals and historic castles.

My 2023 travel calendar includes return travel to Italy and Greece, new destinations Croatia and Montenegro, adventure in Morocco. Come join me or tell me where you want to go. The time to take that bucket list trip is now.


For more information about planning your travel adventures, contact DreamMaker Destinations: or call 330-689-1920.


Donna Zabel, owner of DreamMaker Destinations, has been helping travelers turn their travel dreams into travel reality for over 20 years. Having explored all seven continents and about 135 countries, she enjoys sharing her travel tales and encourages everyone to find their own story to tell.

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