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Where Do You Want To Go?

There are over 300 official countries and destinations as determined by the Traveler’s Century Club. So, the very first step in planning your dream vacation is deciding where you want to go.


This can be more daunting than it seems.  You need to ask yourself a lot of questions. My FREE “Destination Worksheet” walks you through all the questions I ask my clients before we get down to making any specific plans. It can help you get started on planning your perfect trip. Even better, contact me directly, and we can go over it together!


There are many factors to consider as you plan your getaway, including:

  • Is this trip adults only or are kids involved? If so, what are their ages?    You might want to spend hours in the Louvre, but your eight-year-old is going to get restless. The last thing you want is other museum goers glaring at your whining youngster or dodging an active teenage boy running down the halls.

  • When are you planning on traveling? How flexible is this timeframe?
    You know October is a perfect time to visit Italy, but if you don’t mind chilly evenings and possibly a little rain, hotel rates can drop significantly in November.  You know Costa Rica is a bird-watchers’ paradise, but if you go in June, those binoculars had better be waterproof and you’ll need a sturdy rain poncho and rubber boots for the mud. An African safari may be on your bucket list, and you may think because it’s located on the equator, it won’t matter when you visit Kenya and Tanzania. But then, maybe you don’t know about the long rains, the short rains, the dry season, and wet season, and how each influences wildlife viewing.


  • What about travel companions?
    Do you want to explore independently, or do you prefer the company of a few fellow travelers and the opportunity to make new friends?


  • What overall experience are you longing for?
    Are you comfortable with changing hotel rooms during a trip? Or would you prefer the relaxation of a river cruise, exploring new destinations by day and then watching beautiful scenery from your spacious cabin as you sail along the river? 


Why take chances with your hard-earned vacation? For help in creating the best vacation possible, use the form below to send me an email. I am passionate about traveling this enchanting globe and would be happy to help you plan the trip of your dreams.

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