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Dreaming of Travel in April 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Dreaming of travel in a world still dominated with news of Covid raises many questions.

  • Can we pass “go” without stopping for a mandatory quarantine or multiple tests?

  • Can we “high five” the server with our tropical drink or walk around with the Purell bottle in hand?

  • Can we get on a cruise ship? Do we want to get on a cruise ship? Where can we get on a cruise ship?

April means spring and the end of winter. Crocuses start popping up, new buds appear on the trees. We put the winter clothes away and go for long walks on almost-forgotten paths. April can be a great month—especially in 2021 after a very long, dark winter.

April 2021 means we can start planning that long-awaited and postponed travel...with some caveats. It’s always a little dangerous for those first crocuses blooming before the ground is thawed and frosts finished. Our travel plans may also encounter some setbacks and restrictions.

Dreaming of Travel by Cruise

Can we plan a cruise? Yes. Can we head down to Florida and hop on a ship? No. Can we finally see the Alaskan fjords after waiting over a year? No. Do we need to be vaccinated to get on a cruise ship? Probably, yes. When can we go to Europe? I wish I knew.

If you're dreaming of travel by cruise you are certainly wondering where can we go, what can we do, and what does the immediate future look like?

First, all the major cruise lines are tired of waiting for CDC to open US ports. Leaving from our shores is still forbidden until November. However, if you can get to St. Maarten, Cyprus, the Bahamas, or Bermuda, beautiful Royal Caribbean and Celebrity ships are waiting for you. Cunard is sailing from its English homeports. Silversea is setting sail from Greece starting in May. Norwegian has announced July cruises from favorite Caribbean destinations. There is hope for a late summer start to beloved European river cruises.

Dreaming of Travel by Land

If you love exploring by land, you have options. Belize, Ecuador, Peru all have wonderful cities, history, and nature to share. Spectacular Iceland, romantic Greece (as of May 14), exotic Thailand (as of May or June) all beckon. Anticipating increased demand, some airlines have added new flights to make your travel plans easier, for example Delta to Iceland.

Of course, there are still disappointments, but even those have encouraging news. Europe is not ready to open its borders, but river cruising for 2022 will be better than ever, with new ships and new itineraries. Even Alaska is not all gloom and doom. Airlines are adding flights for summer travel directly to Alaska from the lower 48, bypassing Vancouver. Small ships like Uncruise can still operate, and there is a lot to explore in our huge 49th state.

So, dust off your passports, pull out your favorite carry-on, and start dreaming of travel again. Remember, DreamMaker Destinations is here to keep you up to date on the latest developments and determine what you need to do to make that dream a reality. Contact us to start dreaming today!

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