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Beautiful Bali

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Paradise really does exist.

Bali really does live up to its reputation: huge gorgeous plants and flowers everywhere, smiling friendly people, fresh from the ocean seafood, colorful handcraft markets, moist warm tropical air, clear blue water for swimming and snorkeling.

If I have one complaint about Bali it is I did not stay long enough at the Mahagiri Villas Sanur. The accommodation, with a private swimming pool, large bedroom with wood paneling and parquet floors, indoor soaking tub plus outdoor shower, private lanai was hard to leave. For dinner in the lovely outdoor restaurant, I had my choice of the day’s freshly caught fish carefully displayed on a bed of ice. I chose the snapper. Simply grilled with local herbs and seasonings, it was delicious.

Our lovely villa with its own private pool
My private pool

photo: Donna Zabel, CC BY 3.0

from the private pool to the room--an outdoor shower
marble patio

photo: Donna Zabel, CC BY 3.0

the large bedroom with sliding doors to the patio
bedroom in the villa

photo: Donna Zabel, CC BY 3.0

a private niche in the villa
cozy day bed niche

photo: Donna Zabel, CC BY 3.0

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