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Italian Street


If countries had surnames, Italy’s would be “romance”.  Thousands of years and millions of tourists can’t be wrong.



For a tiny country with some of the longest & most unpronounceable names,  Iceland has something for everyone.  Choose your terrain: glaciers, lava tubes, mountains, or black sand beaches.

Sydney Port


A trip down under is not complete without a chance to either snorkel, explore in a special underwater capsule, or take a thrilling helicopter flight over the reef.


Hi I'm Donna!

Let me introduce myself and my company, Dream Maker Destinations.


Dream Maker Destinations and I are about a special kind of travel—not just getting from point A to point B but traveling to expand horizons and fulfill dreams.  Travel in today’s complex world can be intimidating and my commitment is to provide my travelers all the information and support they need for a wonderful journey.  Sharing my own travel experiences, will, I hope, encourage others to explore the world. 


It is your vacation or family reunion or honeymoon or lifetime dream. The latest “hot destination” or “special resort” is not important unless it is your destination or your special place.  Finding out what that is, where that is, involves a lot more than picking up the latest brochure and calling a toll-free number.

Kit and Katie

We are home…we are a little road weary…AND WE HAD THE MOST MARVELOUS TRIP WE COULD EVER HAVE IMAGINED!  Everything went as planned…such a great time…so organized, yet not too organized…just as we discussed…perfect…thank you so much for your efforts…

Kevin and Debra

We have used DreamMaker Destinations twice for trips in two years and experienced arguably the best trips we have ever taken.  First time we was a trip to Belize…We were amazed with how smooth it was…Second time was to plan a grand trip for my 50th birthday in the Mediterranean.  Again, Donna made this easy for selecting lodging, day tours, restaurants...Working with Donna we merely drop the ideas and she comes up with destination and transportation options and a wealth of activity choices.

Angela and Anthony

Donna is a very knowledgeable person.  We used her for our honeymoon and it was a great experience!  My husband and I traveled overseas and she took care of all the necessary arrangements, to/from the airport, hotel, and the cruise.  When we were busy planning the wedding she did all the work for the honeymoon.  I definitely recommend her for your next trip!


I was privileged to have Donna’s help in planning a trip for a family reunion… Donna went above and beyond to make sure that my trip was as affordable and convenient as possible.  And her customer service is unparalleled.  She has traveled the world and has a vast knowledge of the travel industry, and how to get the best trip for the best price.  And she does it with a smile.  Highly recommended!

Instagram snapshots from some of my travels

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